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Loure Lessons: Melasma

Loure Lessons: Melasma

Genetics, hormones, sun exposure, certain medications, chronic inflammation, autoimmune diseases, etc can all contribute to melasma. Brown patches on sun exposed skin and usually symmetric. 

For women, hormones can play a big factor. Unfortunately, there is no “fix” for melasma. It is chronic and recurs. 

Melanocytes (the cells that give pigment to our skin) become hyperactive and deposit excessive melanin in the epidermis and dermis. Multiple different treatments are the key to keeping it under control.

1. Strict sun protection (daily SPF 50, hats, clothing)

2. Topical skin lighteners and daily skincare (sold in our boutique or our online medical grade skincare store)

3. Superficial chemical peels (melasma is tough to treat so typically 5-6 peels are needed in 2-4 week intervals)

4. Transexamic acid (this is taken orally and relapse can occur after stopping use)

6. Lasers/IPL (not cures, 1/2 patients have recurrence in 3-6 months which could be worse and now more difficult to manage)

Although there is no permanent “cure,” patience and consistency with good skincare, avoidance of the sun, and chemical peels can make a tremendous improvement. 

We have everything you need at LOURE to manage your melasma. 

Ask about our skincare specifically to treat melasma and schedule for our chemical peel package “Melasma Me Not.” 

Although our melanocytes have memory, so do we and we can work through many different avenues to control them and help them forget.

xoxo, Amy + Nikki 

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