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Loure Lessons: Lips

Injection in her lips | LOURE Aesthetics | Waunakee, WI

Not those lips. Get your mind out of the gutter!! 

Gynecology PA Nikki here, OBVIOUSLY!!

I want to talk about one of my favorite products. In the winter, it is so common to have dry lips. Lips lack sebaceous glands – a.k.a. they don’t produce sebum/oil. They also lack a stratum corneum, which means there is no barrier against the elements.  Lips need a serum with occlusives, humectants, and SPF.  I don’t like lip products with any tint or flavor, especially when wearing a mask. 

My favorite lip serum is Clarity RX 3-in-1 Plumping Lip Treatment. It is colorless, stays put after application, relieves dryness,  makes my lips feel great, and actually has SPF 30, which is not so easy to find for a glossy lip serum.  

You can find this on our boutique shelves or order it from our Online Medical Grade skincare store, Skin Type Solutions. You will need to take the skin type quiz on the website and have a consultation with us first to gain access to our Online Medical Grade skincare store.  

{take the Skin Type Quiz here}

Clarity RX 3-in-1 Lip Plumbing Treatment makes it simple and painless to have full, soft lips this winter. 

It’s my fav!

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