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Kick of the New Year!

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LOURE LESSONS: Kick Off The New Year

As Entrepreneurs who are building a business, raising families, working medical careers, tending to our homes… 

We are busy! 

So, we have created systems that keep life a little less chaotic and allow us to do all the things while still having time for FUN.

Because let’s be honest… we work so that we can PLAY.

Here are some of our PRO TIPS that will help you calm the chaos in your own home and allow you to focus on what matters most.

YOU First

We have had a rough few years, it is time to take care of YOU. 

1. Do more of the things that you love. 

2. Plan activities that make you happy.

3. Schedule a massage, a facial, get your nails done…something to treat yourself.

Calm the Chaos

It has been proven that a cluttered home creates a cluttered mind. January is the perfect month to organize and deep clean each room in your home.

1. Purge, donate, get rid of any items that you no longer need or that no longer serve you.

2. Clean off all surfaces and give every item a home. Get rid of the clutter!

3. Rearrange your furniture so that it creates the perfect flow in your home.

4. Shop your house and move home decor around into other rooms so that you create a new feel in new spaces.

5. Do a deep clean of each space once it is tidy!  This is the perfect time to freshen up the hand towels, light your favorite candle, treat yourself to some flowers and add some new seasonal hand soaps to your kitchen and bathroom.

Healthy Living

This is a great month to do a check on your daily habits…

1. Be sure to drink plenty of water every day.

2. Move your body 30 minutes a day, doing an activity that you love.

3. Get plenty of SLEEP! Sleep allows our brain time to deep clean and declutter itself.

4. Lower your stress and calm your mind. Audible books and podcasts are some of our favorite ways to unwind! Email us for some recommendations…

Plan It

Get a new Planner, some of your favorite pens and start planning out your year! 

First, plan some fun things. Be sure to schedule time each day for YOU. Clear your schedule of things that no longer bring you joy. DO NOT overcommit. Plan the trip. Meet your friends. DO THE THINGS. Your Planner can also be the perfect place to meal plan, track your daily TO DOs and keep your life managed all in one spot.

Act on your Dream

Do you have a little voice in your head and heart begging for something more? Is there a business that you want to start? A project that you want to grow? An item that you want to create? 

We are here to say, GO FOR IT.

We only live once, friend. Now is the time to live your very best life! 

We believe in you and are here cheering you on every step of the way.

Happy New Year! 

May 2022 bring you love, laughs and all of the good things that you have been dreaming of…

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