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Hormone Health

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Hormones......Because the Struggle is Real

Low energy, trouble losing weight, difficulty falling or maintaining sleep, dry skin, constipation – these are very common symptoms and can be associated with a slow thyroid. Thyroid hormone optimization can help boost your energy and metabolism making you feel like a whole new person. Thyroid optimization consists of a consultation for Hormone Health along with labs and a follow up visit to discuss results and prescribe natural thyroid medication. You will have monthly visits until you feel amazing, and your labs are consistent. *Schedule for a Hormone Health Consultation today with Nikki to begin thyroid optimization.

Ladies suffering from peri or postmenopausal symptoms such as poor sleep quality, brain fog, fatigue, decreased libido – hormone optimization is the answer. Men with andropausal symptoms like midsection weight gain, low libido, exercise intolerance, decreased muscle mass, hair loss, and looking to boost your vitality to what once were – hormone optimization is the solution.

Nikki is a board-certified PA with over 10 years of experience optimizing hormones. Hormone levels begin to decline in our 30s and we begin feeling symptoms in our 40s. To make matters worse, our target organ receptors don’t respond as sharply to hormones as they once did, increasing the need for higher levels of hormones to turn the receptors on. Bioidentical hormones are hormones that are molecularly identical to the estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone produced by our ovaries and testes. Bioidentical hormones are often better tolerated than the synthetic created versions produced by large pharmaceutical companies. Estradiol and testosterone have many benefits including increasing your energy level, boosting your libido, improving bone strength, and helping to combat midsection weight gain. Progesterone is a calming hormone and is helpful for anxiety, improving sleep quality, and is also essential in uterine protection when also being treated with estradiol. Even after a hysterectomy, women can still benefit from the effects of progesterone. If you’d like your hormone levels checked and to begin optimizing your Hormone Health, schedule for a Hormone Health Consultation with Nikki to get started.

You will first complete a Hormone Health intake form online and at your consultation visit, Nikki will listen to your symptoms, perform a physical, take your health history, and can draw your blood to determine your hormone levels. Once your lab results are in, Nikki will develop a plan to treat you with bioidentical hormones or natural thyroid hormone or both. Hormone treatment will be through placement of hormone pellets or with oral formulations depending upon your individual needs. You will then have regular follow up visits to ensure your symptoms improve and your hormone levels are where they should be. *Schedule for a Hormone Health Consultation today to begin hormone optimization.

Whether you’re suffering from peri or postmenopausal symptoms such as poor sleep quality, brain fog, decreased libido or you’re a man looking to boost your vitality to what you once were – stay tuned for Hormone Health at LOURE®. Nikki is a board certified PA with over 10 years of experience with balancing hormones and she will soon be able to help the patients of LOURE®. More to come….

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